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Keep your cool under fire

Learn to maintain your composure and think critically in high-pressure situations. Become an expert firearms operator in combat and gain real-life experience in live fire scenarios. Play out stressful situations inside a vehicle, under or on shaky surfaces, and in compromised or open spots.

Experience the battlefield

Test your skills using non-lethal force on each other to see how you’d survive in a hostile environment. Receive intense instruction that can be grueling. You need a high level of fitness and firearm competence for this class. You must complete the operational course before enrolling in this advanced class.

Play out your nightmare and see how you match up with the experienced trainers at our locally-owned business that happily prepares all of Central Ohio for survival!

Get into survival mode with tips from our authorized and certified trainers today!


Get the tools you need to survive

Participate in serious scenarios that test your skills and become a well-rounded survivalist. Make sure you’re ready by completing our operational carry class first. Out staff will determine prerequisite exemptions on a case-by-case basis for people with police and military weapons training. Learn how to handle any crisis as a civilian or military person with our training today.  

Extend your confidence with training

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