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This class is an introduction to firearms. It is helpful for anyone who is unfamiliar with firearms but may come into contact with them as a result of their employment or personal life. Designed for people whose spouse is a law enforcement professional or who has a family member that is a concealed handgun license holder. Our PA/FS course deals with the fundamentals of firearms safety, basic operation of a wide variety of firearms, secondary considerations during a deadly force situation and much more. This is a stress-free, NON LIVE FIRE COURSE. Student questions and participation is encouraged.


Course Cost: $75

Hours: 4

Materials: Included

Prerequisites: None


War stay training

Military level courses

Sierra Training Group offers specialized training and team tactics suitable for small units that venture into high threat areas during the course of their mission. We can tailor your training to meet specific needs helping to ensure mission success.

Protecting your team

It is said that in war, man's brain turns to liquid and pours out of his ears. We want you to be functional with what's left.  STG offers you a solid training foundation so that even the most chaotic circumstances can be negotiated with ease. In any given battle space, we we equip you with the skills to say, 'been there, done that!'

If you are looking for challenging courses designed to sharpen your skills, strengthen you as an individual or unify your team into a focused fighting machine, Sierra Training Group can help.

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If you are interested in specifically designed courses for your team, please contact us. Descriptions of our individual level training courses can be found below or see our schedule for our 2015 training calendar.

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This course is designed to hone your skills, physically, mentally and technically to increase your effectiveness whether defending yourself on the street or your loved-ones at home. Combat Pistol is NOT an entry level course. It is intended to develop shooters to not only survive in critical incidents but to dominate their combat space through a combination of tactics and marksmanship. Join STG for a fun, challenging day on the range. If you are interested in becoming a better shooter, this course is for you.


Course Fee: $200

Hours: 8

Round Count: 500

Prerequisites: None

Materials: Provided Upon Registration


STG's Counter Sniper program is an intensive course designed to give snipers the ability to not only survive but thrive in an environment in which their enemy has precision fire capabilities. Students will develop data on targets out to 600 yards, far beyond those typically necessary in law enforcement incidents. Under the watchful eye of other trained snipers, students will conduct stalks to target delivery on various terrain and conditions. This course also offers our shooters the unique ability to serve as an over watch element in which opposing force snipers are vectoring in on targets supported by the Sierra's team.


Course Fee: $600

Hours: 24

Round Count 500

Prerequisites: Basic Sniper Operations of Equivalent

Materials: Provided Upon Registration