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Get a better grip on your firearm

Take this class if you're already certified to carry a weapon. Bring in your firearm for live fire training to improve your handling skills. Be ready for anything by practicing loading, reloading, and shooting with your supporting hand. Prepare yourself for training for emergency deployment, recovery, and malfunctions.

Find alternative solutions

With this training, you will learn how to survive with mental training. Learn about alternatives to your carry system and about less lethal devices. Improve your chances of survival by using tactical illumination devices as distractions and angles of fire as effective counters to your attackers.

Keep calm by learning basic trauma stabilization techniques in our operational class. Let our certified trainers who are experienced in all backgrounds give you the skills you need to protect yourself.

Learn how to survive today with our custom solutions and training classes!


Choose your concealed carry class

Depending on your need, find 2 levels of training for concealed carry with us. After passing the operational course, you can move on to our advanced course for even more in-depth training. You can also check out our police training courses. Train when it's most convenient since we are open during weekends. Learn more or enroll by contacting us today.

Choose the right weapons system

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