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Patrol Rifle Operator

Class Date: 9/8/21 @ 9 AM

This is a certification course designed to train and qualify law enforcement professionals on the patrol rifle platform (AR15/M16/M4). This is an intensive course covering gear selection, field-stripping and maintenance, basic rifle marksmanship, position shooting, ballistics, individual and team tactics. To complete a certification, shooters must obtain a passing score on the OPOTA patrol rifle exam and pass a written test.

Price: $350.00

Length: 20 Hrs

Materials: Included Prerequisites: None

Additional Information:

Instructor: Shawn Lingofelter

Shawn Lingofelter is a 20 year veteran peace officer at a mid-west metropolitan police department. With over 18 years as a patrol officer, Shawn has served in specialized units such as the arrest and control team (ACT) and the Tactical Training Unit. Shawn is also a basic training master defensive tactics instructor, less-lethal ordnance instructor and holds a trainer of trainers certificate in firearms instruction.

Shawn has recently transferred from the patrol division to the Ordnance Unit where he is responsible for overseeing firearms training for an 1800+ person police department. In addition to his law enforcement career, Shawn has spent the last decade traveling the world as an executive protection specialist. Shawn considers himself a consummate student who is eager to share his experiences with others.

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