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Shawn Lingofelter

Shawn Lingofelter is a 13 year veteran peace officer on a mid-west metropolitan police department. His duties include basic patrol operations as well as special functions such as the arrest and control team (ACT) and the Tactical Training Unit. Shawn is also a basic training master defensive tactics instructor, less - lethal ordnance instructor and master firearms instructor.


Shawn is an avid shooter and athlete, having competed in events such as the Ohio Police Olympics (capturing multiple gold and silver medals), the Warrior Dash, Hell run and Tough Mudder and National Patrol Rifle Competition.


Shawn brings unrivaled passion and enthusiasm to Sierra programs and helps to keep our training on the cutting edge.


Chad Williams


Chad served in the U.S. Army from 1986 to 2014, both active and reserve, with over twenty years as a member of U. S. Army Special Forces.  During his time in SF Chad served on multiple ODA’s as the team engineer sergeant, intelligence sergeant, sniper, and as the team operations sergeant.  In 2008 Chad was promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major where he served as a BN Operations SGM, Company SGM and as an instructor at the Joint Special Operations University.  His key deployments include Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans as well as several other deployments.


In addition to his military career, Chad has been a police officer and detective since 1994.  His assignments have included patrol, academy staff and detective bureau.  Currently he serves as a detective with his department’s homicide unit.



Rob Moore

Robb has been with the Columbus Division of Fire since 1995 where he serves as a firefighter and paramedic. He is currently assigned to one of 5 heavy rescues where he serves as a Technical Rescue Technician. As a rescue tech he is tasked with all forms of technical rescue including auto extrication, confined space, high angle, collapse, and search and rescue to name a few.


In addition to those responsibilities, Rob is a HAZMAT/WMD specialist and serves as the HazMat team's research officer. He's also a founding member and supervisor on the DART, Dive and Rescue Team.


Robb is a founding member of and leader on the TEMS, Tactical Emergency Medical Support team in which paramedics are specially trained and embedded with operational tactical teams in the event of an emergency situation during deployment. Rob has also pioneered self aid/partner aid training for many LE agencies helping to limit law enforcement casualties by properly training and equipping first responders in treatment of traumatic injuries.


Rob’s education and experience allows STG to offer state of the art, practical medical training. His depth of knowledge is only overshadowed by his willingness to share his understanding with students in order to create well rounded, multi-functional operators.


Tim Halbakken is a law enforcement professional with over 20 years of experience.  During his tenure with a mid-west capital city police department, Tim has spent significant time in patrol, investigations and as a police trainer. Tim is currently assigned as a full time tactical officer with his department’s narcotics investigation and raid team.  


Tim is a member of multiple law enforcement support teams such as crisis negotiations, under water search and recovery, arrest and control, clan lab investigation and officer support team (rendering aid to officers who have been involved in critical.


Tim holds he distinct honor of being awarded the State of Ohio Trainer of the year for 2014 and carries a broad range of instructor certifications such as:


Master Defensive Tactics Instructor Master Firearms Instructor

PADI Dive Master

Active Shooter Instructor

Tubular Platform  Assault Instructor

Emergency Medical Care for Law Enforcement

Dynamic Simulation Instructor

Principle Protection and Security Team Trainer


In addition to his law enforcement certifications Tim holds the title of Master Teacher in the Japanese  warrior arts traditions of the Bujinkan Dojo and Tehojutsu arresting arts. Tim has dedicated over 20 years to the study of old style combat systems and their application to modern conflict resolution


Kevin is a proud member of the United States Marine Corps, serving from 1985 to 1991 and a veteran of Desert Storm. After the Marine Corps, Kevin began his police career with a mid-west capitol city police department where he serves with distinction. During his employment with the police, Kevin has served as a High Risk Narcotics Entry team member, SWAT team member and SWAT sniper. He brings experience gained through thousands of dynamic entries and barricades. Kevin is also a State certified firearms instructor in every law enforcement weapons platform. In addition to his significant tactical experience, Kevin brings the unique ability of being a pilot of both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter.


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