Training Courses

First-Responder Training

At STG our training strategy has developed from knowledge gained during years of operations in the safety service community. Our highly trained instructors are excited to share basic skills training in a way that is effective in the field, efficient in the battle space and fun on the range.

Modern Learning Models

Your gunfight or critical encounter will likely not be on a square range. Why train that way? At STG, we have the unique capabilities to offer our students training platforms designed to replicate a variety of challenging fighting, shooting or otherwise survival situations. Whether you are overwatch on a pitched roof with extreme angle engagement or a patrol officer fighting your way free of the cruiser we offer the scenarios that give you precontact experience.

Stress conditioning for critical incident success

Through dynamic simulation training STG's students benefit from immediate feedback resulting from critical errors. With the application of force-on force-on scenarios, non-lethal simulated munitions and safety controlled scenarios students are capable of employing their newly acquired skills in real time and with remarkable realism.

Course List