Sierra Civilian Training

We offer civilian training based on decades of research and experience in the areas of threat management and violence mitigation. Our unarmed tactics programs, defensive firearms systems and personal emergency response to severe injury training will help you stay ahead of the dangers you may encounter should your threat profile become compromised.

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Sierra LE Training

We specialize in providing America's law enforcement officers with top level training to successfully negotiate emergency situations. Whether you are interested in firearms, tactics or casualty management, STG can provide you with the tools for success.

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Learn from certified trainers

In today’s combat environment, those tasked with engaging and neutralization of in-bound threats have an increasingly dangerous job. At Sierra Training Group we understand this. Or trainers are compiled from a diversified background of global operators specializing in hostile environment survival. STG trainers derive their expertise from the war-torn cities of foreign theaters to the urban operations of the modern metropolitan jungle. At Sierra Training Group we offer specialized tactical training to military, police and civilians who may face dearly force opposition in the course of their employment or day-to-day life.

Upcoming Classes

Class Date Status  
Combat Pistol with Tim Halbakken 8/24/24 @ 9 AM Open View Class
Pistol - Carbine with Tim Halbakken 8/24/24 @ 9 AM Open View Class
Tactical Carbine with Tim Halbakken 9/7/24 @ 9 AM Open View Class
Ballistic Shield Operator/Instructor with Tim Halbakken 9/7/24 @ 9 AM Open View Class