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Combat Pistol

Class Date: 8/24/24 @ 9 AM

Winning a gunfight is only partially about shooting. The ability to stay calm, problem solve and apply proper tactics are all necessary to successfully negotiate critical incidents. Our combat pistol course not only helps you refine your pistolcraft through basic skills development, but also focuses on critical thinking. Sierra trainers will guide shooters through a fun, interactive experience where shooters can try new skills, drills, and scenarios.

Price: $200.00

Length: 8 Hrs

Materials: Included Prerequisites: None

Additional Information:

Instructor: Tim Halbakken

Tim Halbakken is a law enforcement professional with over 25 years of experience. During his tenure with a midwest capital city police department, Tim spent time in patrol, investigations, training and as a narcotics tactical team member. Tim is currently assigned to the SWAT team and regularly deploys as a sniper during barricades and critical incidents.

Tim is a member of multiple law enforcement support teams such as: crisis negotiations, underwater search and recovery, arrest and control, clan lab investigation and officer support team (rendering aid to officers who have been involved in critical incidents.

Tim holds the distinct honor of being awarded the State of Ohio Trainer of the year for 2014 and carries a broad range of instructor certifications including: Master Defensive Tactics Instructor, Master Firearms Instructor, PADI DiveMaster, Active Shooter Instructor, Tubular Platform Assault Instructor, Emergency Medical Care for Law Enforcement, Dynamic Simulation Instructor, Principle Protection and Security Team Trainer.

In addition to his law enforcement certification, Tim holds the title of “Master Teacher” in the Japanese Warrior Arts traditions of the Bujinkan Dojo and Tehojutsu arresting arts. Tim has dedicated over 30 years to the study of old style combat systems and their application to modern conflict resolution.

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